Kindergarten Standards


  • Understanding of Creation, The Family of God, and the Gift of Jesus to us at Christmas
  • Prayer and Mass; learning Grace before and after meals
  • Intro to the Life of Stewardship: Prayer, Formation, Hospitality and Service

Language Arts:

  • Learn upper and lower case letters; sounds, development of Phoemic awareness, learn sight words; comprehension of fiction and nonfiction information.
  • Intro to conventions of writing; prints first/last name and familiar words, construct simple sentences.
  • Follows direction with adults and work in groups.
  • Participates in Primary Speech Assembly by memorizing and reciting 6-12 lines of poetry.


  • Numbers Sense: Reads, Writes, orders numbers to 31, counts to 100, counts sets of objects to 20.
  • Problem Solving: Uses strategy to solve a question
  • Algebraic Sense: Creates, copies, extends patterns, creates stories for + and –
  • Geometric Sense: Identify and sort shapes, understands position words (over/under)


  • Intro to Systems-properties and characteristics (plants have roots, stems, leaves, seeds, flowers)
  • Simple investigations/ projects and record observations
  • Intro to the idea of science solving problems for society (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Social Studies:

  • Help create rules that benefit the community
  • Learn about leaders; that they instill justice and fairness
  • Learn to make choices, express opinions/hear the opinions of others.
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